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David Vallieres' Amazing Profit Loop System

"With My New Amazing STEALTH Profit Loop System You'll Never Have To Worry About Money Again Because You'll Find Out How To Get All The Leads You Want, How To Convert Them and How To Work Your Back-End Profits Like A Marketing Maniac On Steriods!"

These Stealth Profit-Generating Techniques Will Put You In The Position of MASTER of Web Profits - Just Follow The Videos*!

FROM: Charles Sisk

Dear Friend,

      You probably already know who David Vallieres is... sort of. You probably know him through his online newslettesr or one of his ebooks. If you don't know who David is please feel free to inquire about him at any Internet marketing forum or click here to Google David.

"To make you money as fast as possible with email marketing and a STEALTH Marketing method that only his $7,500 A Year Clients Have Learned"

      This course teaches advanced email marketing concepts and my STEALTH Profit Loop System - a method I have NEVER Revealed ANYWHERE else! These are techniques I haven't revelead anywhere else before, because I've been too busy USING them instead of teaching them!

      My experience and that of thousands of successful online marketers agree on one thing:

"The money is in the list" ...
and for the first time you'll UNDERSTAND what that REALLY means

      So we are gong to start by setting up the foundation you need for marketing by email, how to build a huge list - I should say, a huge, responsive list. Huge lists mean nothing unless they are responsive!

      We're going to talk in depth (and you'll see the EXACT techniques I personally use) for writing messages that create loyal readers and highly responsive buyers.

      We're going to talk about EVERY DETAIL of email marketing from start to finish so that you'll be a MASTER at email marketing yourself, in any niche you choose.

"The final Lesson includes complete details (and I mean COMPLETE) on how to implement my STEALTH Profit Loop System on your website- the same System that allowed me to generate thousands of dollars anytime I wanted including almost $45,000 in 3 days in June and $36,028 in just 3 days in April... and over $224,000 in the last 9 months using this ONE strategy alone!"


      Let's talk frankly about email marketing for a minute. Many, many people predicted the death of email marketing due to the high rate of spam eveyone is receiving, blogs taking over, etc

      It's NOT happening.

      Email marketing through publishing an ezine or newsletter is still the king of marketing online and will be for a very long time.

      Although you may not believe me, email marketing- the way I do it - is extremely profitable - and the one and still, 'killer app' online that could make you rich. For example I will show you ACTUAL results of 4 my own email marketing campaigns- One for my own product and 3 affiliate products! I go into details on how to write killer emails, how to send them, how to get them opened and how to CASH IN!

      This course is for beginners as well as advanced marketers! 12 Lessons in all this material includes almost 32 videos, several audio files and extensive pdf files!

      All lessons and resources and teaching materials will be archived so that you can access the archive at anytime and catch-up or re-take the course at any time!

"I will go way beyond what I have EVER revealed before with new material I've never revealed in any of my other courses, ebooks or even on my Private Site"

      You'll get 3 sets of PC-Videos for most every lessons - The "BIG" Lesson, a "Case Study" and a "Lab"... to show you exactly the methods I use to generate a huge income from email marketing. -- I take you 'inside' my email marketing 'lab' where I test ideas, campaigns, segment lists and build my subscriber base. You'll see first hand results of my own campaigns. This is the first time I show the kind of detail into my own email marketing campaigns that will insipire you to email marketing greatness.

"The course will cover much more than just learning email marketing... it will cover product development, list building, sales strategies, offers, psychology, relationship building and much, much more."

Here's a complete outline of the course:

LESSON 1 - An Overview of The Potential For Email Marketing Profits
Table of Contents:
Video 1: Lesson :- The Potential of Email Marketing
Video 2: Marketing Case Study :- Campaign Results for This Course's First Marketing Campaign
Video 3: Lab :- LMP Sample Installation/Setup

LESSON 2 - Step-By-Step Email Marketing - Part 2
Table of Contents:
Video 1: Lesson :- 3 Examples of Effective Capture Pages
Video 2:Marketing Case Study :- Starting A New Campaign With Very Little Money
Video 3: Lab :- Creating An Effective Capture Page, Step-By-Step

LESSON 3 - Step-By-Step Email Marketing - Part 3
Table of Contents:
Video Lesson :- The Basics of Developing Profitable Relationships With Your Subscribers
Video Marketing Case Study :- Update on EzineUtopia + A New Capture Page Marketing Project!
Video Lab :- Setting Up the 'Backend' of A Capture Page

LESSON 4 - Step-By-Step Email Marketing - Your List Building On Steriods ;-)
Table of Contents:
Video 1: Lesson :- Getting The Dialog Going... Building Trust and Making Offers
Video 2: Marketing Case Study :- New AdWords Campaign Shows Promise + A FC Campaign Underway...
Video 3: Lab :- On New Product Creation + A Burst Of New Subscribers! How It Was Done...

LESSON 5 - Writing Your First Email - What's The Big Idea!
 + Lead Generation Updates and Ideas

Table of Contents:
Video 1: Lesson :- Writing Your First Email - The BIG Idea and The Main Concept - Getting Ideas
Video 2: Case Study :- Marketing and Lead Generation on Forums and eBay
Video 3: Lab :- List Building Kicking Into High Gear: FastClick Strategy Update, AdWords Update Strategy + Starting Lead Generation on eBay

LESSON 6 - Now That You Have List - Writing Emails That Sell!
Table of Contents:
Video 1: Lesson :- Writing Emails that Sell Your Products and Services - Slippery Slopes
PDF: Case Study :- My Personal, Secret Methods For Making Sales Via Email Marketing (NOTE: This is a special 51 page report in PDF format, not a video)
Video 2: Lab :- Google AdWords Update and a New Campaign on the BC Network

LESSON 7 - My BEST Secret Technique For Generating A High Quality Email List!
Table of Contents:
Video:- Saving the Best for Last- My BEST Secret Technique For Generating A High Quality Email List (32 page Special Report)!
PDF: Case Study :- My Personal, Secret Methods For Making Sales Via Email Marketing- Part II (NOTE: This is a special 51 page report in PDF format, not a video)

LESSON 8 - Getting Your Emails Opened...
 Getting Into The Heads of Your Subscribers For Results

Table of Contents:
Video Lesson :- Subject Lines: What Works To Get Your Email Opened
Video Marketing Case Study :- A New Promotion, What Made It Successful, Getting Into Their Heads
PDF Lab :- 102 Pages Of In-Depth Email Marketing Best Practices

LESSON 9 - Getting Your Emails Opened (Part II) +
Finding Products To Promote In The ClickBank MarketPlace

Table of Contents:
Video Lesson :- Subject Lines: What Works To Get Your Email Opened (Part II)
Video Marketing Case Study :- How To Find Products To Promote (+Evaluating ClickBank Products)
Video Lab :- Setting Up Redirect Pages For Affiliate Links

LESSON 10 - The BIG Idea: Creating and Structuring The Body Copy of Your Emails
 So They Are Read and Acted On

Table of Contents:
Video Lesson :- Creating The Body of Your Emails So They Are Read and Acted On - How To Cretae A Unique Selling Proposition for The Product You're Selling
Video Marketing Case Study :- Creating The Body of Your Emails So They Are Read and Acted On - Creating Compelling Body Copy
Video Lab :- The Sales Results of The Email Written Over a 4 Day Period and The ONLY Factor That Matters When Your Present Your Product To Your Subscribers

LESSON 11 - Finding "Instant" Marketing and Other Niche Info Products
 You Can Resale For 100% Profits!
ble of Contents:
  • Video Lesson :- Finding Instant Products You Can Sell For 100% Profits - What To Look For, Where You Can Find Internet Marketing as Well As "Niche" Instant Info-Products and How To Use Them To Make Money
  • Video Marketing Case Study :- Creating Products And A Secret Method
  • Video Lab :- Modifying Your "Instant" Sales letters, Web Pages, Thank You Page + Getting Your Personalized Payment Links From PayPal Setup and Uploading It To Your Website + How To Know If Resale Right Offers Are Full of BS or They Will Make You Money

LESSON 12- A Powerful Concept, and The STEALTH "Profit Loop" System

The exact system I created to generate $62,000 in sales in one month writing a couple of dead-simple emails to a small list!

  • The "STEALTH Profit Loop System" Audio - Part 1
  • The "STEALTH Profit Loop System" Audio - Part 2
  • The "STEALTH Profit Loop System" Audio - Part 3
  • A Complete DEMONSTRATION OF THE STEALTH Profit Loop System

       Not only are you able to view these Lessons online but I also give you the option of downloading each video to your personal computer in your choice of *WMV (Windows Format) or * MOV (Apple Format).

      You have a unique opportunity to get 10+ years worth of a 'hard knocks' education and $100,000 in testing compacted and compressed in just 12 Lessons (with Lifetime access and free future upgrades!).

      But there are some people I cannot help. I'm not going to be able to help you if you don't believe in yourself or have no confidence in your ability to learn, have no motivation to improve your life or business or are just curious about this training and are not really passionate about making your living online.

"Do You Value Your Time and Your Money?"

      This training is for entrepreneurs who value their time and money. Instead of trying this or trying that, testing this and testing that and wasting time and thousands of dollars in hopeless schemes, I can show you how to go from zero online presence to making money in your own business in ANY niche. Now, I can't guarantee that you'll make even one penny as a result of this training. In fact, it would be foolish for me to guarantee you any results since I don't know you or your abilities or how you'll use this training.

      What I can guarantee is that I will show, in this training program, how I make thousands of dollars a month in just a few hours each day and exactly how I was able to make over $250,000 in 2005 using this one strategy alone! Isn't that worth learning? What price is freedom? I mean freedom do be able to make money at will, take days off whenever you want, vacations, homes, cars and the type of freedom you cannot buy: Time with family, friends and loved one's or yourself.

The Amazing STEALTH Profit Loop System and Advanced Email Marketing is available now, for a limited time for just $297, just $197, just $97, just $77 ...

No ! Right now for a very limited time you can get the complete system for only
$47. Plus I'll throw in the following bonuses if you place your order now.


Leverage on Email Marketing

How You Can Use Email Marketing and Spell P-r-o-f-i-t-s With Every Email You Send !

Plus You Also Get

3 Quick And Easy Ways To Build A Profitable Opt In List

The 3 Things To Avoid When Emailing Your List

4 Crucial Things You Need To Do To Build your List

4 Ways To Get Your Subscribers To Trust You Quickly

5 Things To Consider When Publishing A Newsletter

7 Ways To Make $ Using Nothing More Than Your List

How To Build A List Of Eager Subscribers

How To Get Your Subscribers Begging For More

How To Grab Your Readers Attention With Your Subject

Can You Really Use Articles To Build Your List?

 All these bonuses are yours today when you place your order now !   

Over 500 students who have taken this training can't be wrong.
Join us now and find out why this will be the best move you've made all year:


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